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As a horticulturist and landscaper, different types of plants have always fascinated me. Sometimes I’m able to walk in my garden and speak to my plants. This is very peaceful and therapeutic for me because plants do not throw any punches, speak behind my back and neither do they raise their voices and yell back.…
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Spring is in the Air

Simply “the best time of the year” for me! Plants, shrubs and trees are all putting their“best foot forward” and starting to get new leaves or flowers. Msasa trees are changing colours, fish are spawning and to me, everything is putting energy into leaf and colour everywhere and the flowers are alive and well!All the above…
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The Gift of a Lifetime

Lots of people have been asking me about how to choose a gift that grows for a lifetime. Some people have hang ups about “choosing the wrong thing,” especially when the person they have in mind is an excellent gardener. Well, let me reassure you about giving gifts that grow. You can never “choose the…
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Gardening with Ann Hamilton King

The last article in this series dealt with gardening in summer and preparing for the rainy season. Since we all have doubts of recovery from the looming drought, it would be a good idea to include your patio or pool area in your seasonal schemes. Moving closer to home is a good idea whatever the…
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Gardening in the Summer

The rains are upon us and the most important thing to do is to try and encourage the water flowing off your roof (which is the biggest catchment area on your property) to your water tank. You can buy plastic piping or gutters at about 4 inches/10cm in diameter. Then measure the length from your…
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Gardening Tips For Early Spring

Spring is the most delightful and beautiful time in the garden with glorious gentle colours announcing that summer is just around the corner.